On the way to Medellin

After the heat on the caribbean coast we were glad to spend some time in the mountains, especially for camping in the evenings. We stayed at some great locations and met some really nice people at the same time, from locals who welcomed us on their property to fellow travellers. Our itinerary had us slowly moving southwest towards Medellin, the next major city that we planned to visit. We passed through charming colonial towns with well-preserved architecture and natural sites including Chicamocha Canyon, and Colombia’s largest lake, Laguna de Tota, at 3000 meters above sea level.

Chicamocha Canyon

Among the people we met was a local family at Laguna de Tota, who was visiting the church located at the site where we were camping for the night. They were excited to learn about our travel plans and happy to receive a guided visit of the camper. Before leaving us for the night, they gave us some locally grown potatoes to sample…..delicious!

Special thanks to Luis and Lida who we met at our overnight spot at Villa de Leyva. This couple from Medellin took us under their wing, provided us with useful travel tips, and helped us arrange a visit to their Toyota garage in Medellin to have some engine issues checked out. They also introduced us to a delicious local specialty, Arepa, a flat pancake made from wheat or corn and stuffed with cheese.

Lida and Luis (on the right with their two dogs) and a Canadian couple from British Columbia (on the left)
Plaza Mayor in Villa de Leyva

Thank you as well to Viviana and Oriol who put us in contact with a local craftsman who custom made a metal extension for our water faucet in the camper, allowing us to finally hook up and use our water filter.

The great scenery and charming towns came at a price as we drove one of the worse roads we have ever taken, highway 62 between Barbosa and Puerto Araujo. The vehicles we crossed were jumping back and forth from the left to the right lane to avoid huge holes, bumps, and other obstacles due to the deformed surface of the road which alternated arbitrarily between paved sections and gravel. Not only was the road really bad, but it was also very curvy with many hairpin turns. Yee ha! We also discovered that the solution we had found in France to regulate the amount of diesel injected into the engine based on the elevation we were at (altitude compensator) did not seem to really have an effect here; the result being black smoke from the exhaust, even at relatively low elevations (from 1500 meters up) and labour intensive ascensions. We are assuming that the quality of the diesel here in Colombia might be a contributing factor.

Despite the bad parts of the road, other sections were good and provided some great views.

On Christmas day we arrived in Medellin and went directly to our overnight spot on a hill overlooking the city. Christmas dinner consisted of reheated leftovers and a nice bottle of carmenere from Chile.

Stay tuned for Medellin!

14 thoughts on “On the way to Medellin

  1. Coucou Angie et Laurent, nous vous souhaitons une très belle année 2020, qui sera, j’en suis sûre inoubliable pour vous deux. Magnifiques photos , gros bisous
    Karine, Franck , Corentin et de notre mascotte Mac


  2. A tous les deux nous souhaitons une excellente et très belle année 2020
    NOus vous souhaitons encore de très belles découvertes et beaucoup de plaisir au court de ce long voyage
    Sylvie et Olivier


  3. Les impondérables effectivement ils sont inévitables. Heureusement vous êtes plein de ressources et cela s’avèrera nécessaire tout au long de ce magnifique voyage. C’est aussi l’occasion de faire de belles rencontres. Passez une bonne fin d’année 2019 et un début 2020 sans plus de soucis. Amour, Santé, Pace 🌟


  4. La route 62 bientôt aussi mythique
    Que la fameuse 66 … déjà antique!
    Tommy crachote mais tient bon la mécanique,
    Milou se fait des copains … pour lui atypiques,
    Vos hôtes se révèlent plus que sympathiques,
    Vous pouvez tous deux rester toujours flegmatiques
    Face à tous les aléas …. presque anecdotiques ?
    Seuls ces quelques alexandrins catastrophiques
    Qui voudraient célébrer votre périple épique
    Avec leur unique rime systématique,
    Certes fraternels, mais ratés, au mieux comiques,
    Constituent une menace apocalyptique!


  5. Merci pour vos bons voeux et à notre tour nous vous souhaitons une année riche en belles découvertes et en belles rencontres, ce que vous faites déjà. C’est du bonheur pour nous de profiter de votre voyage grâce à vos photos et vos commentaires. J’ai beaucoup aimé lz photo de Milou avec ses deux copains. Merci beaucoup et à une prochaine lecture de vos aventures. On vous embrasse et bon réveillon.


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