The Finnish Flash

I woke up this wintery Sunday morning with a sudden desire and enthusiasm to « Finnish » our blog post on Finland. Whether the desire was fueled by wanting to have closure on this particular adventure, in order to open the door to future ones, or by friends and colleagues asking about what happened after Norway, I … More The Finnish Flash


When we saw the sign indicating that we had arrived in Nordkapp (North Cape, Cap Nord), Laurent and I cheered and gave each other a high five! It was a joyful moment….We had made it all the way up to continental Europe’s most northern point (71° 10’ 21’’ N, actually 1400 meters short of the … More Nor(d)way!

It’s not a vacation, it’s a journey! (On a perdu la quatrième en Islande!)

It is easy to say “we should have got it done before we left.” However, at the time it “seemed like a good idea.” What could I possibly be talking about? Our 4 tires! We were debating whether we should change all 4 tires prior to starting the journey. Yes, they were getting a bit … More It’s not a vacation, it’s a journey! (On a perdu la quatrième en Islande!)

Into the Wind

We arrived in Seydisfjordur and getting off the ferry and through customs was quick and easy. No checking what food (and how much wine) had been brought into the country (we hid the dried mushrooms for nothing!) and covid/vaccination formalities were already completed on board. Apparently all passengers had negative PCR tests which were administered … More Into the Wind

On Z Road Again!

I am writing this article sitting on my bunk bed in our cabin aboard the MS Norrona, the ferry bringing me, Laurent and Tommy from Hirtshals in northern Denmark, to Seydisfjordur on the eastern coast of Iceland. The sun is shining and the sailing is smooth. Life is good! It was hard digesting the early … More On Z Road Again!

Lagunas y volcanes

After a busy week and a half in confinement in our hotel in Santiago, we are spending our last few days in Chile writing up the blog posts that are still overdue. Despite the early interruption of our journey, we have been very fortunate in being able to visit many incredible places and in meeting … More Lagunas y volcanes

Santiago Amigos!

March 11th, 2020: From the municipality of Las Condes, where we stayed with Federico and his family for a few days, we could walk to the terminus of the red line of the Santiago metro system. Fede and Laurent used to work together in Basel, Switzerland, and he and his family have been living in … More Santiago Amigos!

Loco por Valpo

March 9th, 2020: Early in the morning, we took the metro in Santiago from almost one end of the east-west red line to the opposite terminus, then an inter-city bus between Santiago and Valparaiso. The journey which should have only taken one and a half hours ended up taking 4 hours, thanks to a road … More Loco por Valpo

Bienvenidos a Chile!

Those were sweet words to see indeed ! The custom formalities to cross from Peru to Chile were relatively straight forward, thanks to the information posted on iOverlander from other travellers. We were done in about one hour (exportation/importation papers for the vehicle leaving Peru and entering Chile included). As with each border crossing up to … More Bienvenidos a Chile!

Onwards to Chile!

Laurent was a bit hasty in mentioning our return to Peru later in the year……..since we did not yet cover our last days in the country! After getting the oil changed and a few other minor truck adjustments (there is never really an end to the vehicle maintenance….sigh), we left Arequipa and headed back to … More Onwards to Chile!

Northern Peru to Lima

After a slightly confusing entry into Peru, as described by Laurent in his earlier post, we landed on the beach behind the hostel Swiss Wassi. Incredible sunsets and good company (thanks Melba)! The beach at this campground is little piece of paradise after the surprising drive down from the border. Surprising for different reasons : First … More Northern Peru to Lima

Ready, set, go!

After a longer than anticipated wait to recuperate Tommy and Milou from the port, followed by our unexpected battery problems, it was really time to hit the road! During our last evening in Cartagena, we had drinks with a French couple (Estelle and Antoine) who were just wrapping up their one year road trip in … More Ready, set, go!

Bon Voyage!

As the date of our departure drew near, it was time to say farewell and thank you to family, friends, and colleagues who provided encouragement and support during the long preparation phase of our trip. Over the course of the past year and a half our project allowed us to meet many interesting and inspiring … More Bon Voyage!

Our vehicle

As independent travellers we searched for the perfect vehicle to take us through South America. It had to be solid, reliable, and able to take on rough roads, mud, and the occasional river. To find out more about the vehicle that we will be calling home for one year:


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