Onwards to Chile!

Laurent was a bit hasty in mentioning our return to Peru later in the year……..since we did not yet cover our last days in the country! After getting the oil changed and a few other minor truck adjustments (there is never really an end to the vehicle maintenance….sigh), we left Arequipa and headed back to the coast southward bound towards Chile! Again, beautiful coastal scenery, more huge dunes (this time with red-tinged sand), beaches and fishing ports. After trying to camp at several potential overnight spots with no success (the high summer holiday season made it difficult to wild camp in places where the locals would normally tolerate it), we decided to camp on the beach in a bird sanctuary close to a town called Mejia. Apart from many mosquitos, we were all alone and had a chance to visit the sanctuary the next day.

We followed the advice of our amigo Paul and stopped for a local specialty, Alfajoles, in Ilo (la Curva) a small town along the coast. These delicious biscuits are crispy thin shortbread-like pancakes with a caramel or honey filling between slices. Apparently the best ones are made at Vildoso……don’t settle for anything less! A great discovery!

Our last night before crossing the border into Chile was spent camping on another beach, this time in Boca del Rio. A nice spot full of local families on holiday. Great sunset!

The next day we left camp early to make it across the border in late morning. More on that and our first impression of Chile in the next article.

See you again in August!

One thought on “Onwards to Chile!

  1. Coucou Angie
    Vous finirez par être des pros en entretien du véhicule, j’espère que milou est sage pendant que vous vous occupez de Tommy
    Les crêpes ont l’air bien sympa bises


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