About us and our project

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We are Laurent and Angie, a Franco-Canadian couple living in the town of Brunstatt, next to Mulhouse, in the Alsace region of France.

In November 2019 we are setting off to realize our dream of discovering the South American continent together. Having always preferred an independent style of travel, we will be hitting the road in our solid and reliable truck camper, Tommy, along with our faithful mascot Milou.

Tommy and Milou

Our adventure is expected to take us through 9 countries over a period of 12 months, starting from Colombia at the end of November 2019, and ending 45,000 km later in Uruguay in the beginning of December, 2020. Our truck camper will be shipped in a container on a cargo ship from Antwerp, Belgium, to Cartagena, Colombia, where we will pick it up to begin our road trip. We mapped out a high-level itinerary to calculate the approximate total distance to be travelled, to determine how feasible our projected plans were, and to see what climatic conditions were to be expected during each part of the trip.

The preliminary itinerary showing the places that we plan to visit over a one-year period.

Contrary to most people who head directly south towards the end of the year to make it to Ushuaia in the middle of summer, we are starting in Colombia and heading south from there with the objective of making it to Ushuaia and the Patagonia region in autumn, before the winter season starts in May/June. Our plan is to visit Colombia during the dry season and head through Ecuador then down the coast of Peru when the weather is the best for visiting Lima and the coastal region. Due to the geography of Peru with its coast and the high Andes, it will be the rainy season in the mountains. Therefore, we will save that part for later in the year when we come back up after travelling through Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia. Starting in Colombia will also ensure we have time to visit this amazing country which is one of our priorities.

The duration of our roadtrip will allow us to adapt our itinerary as we go, spending more time than foreseen in some places and less in others. If we have enough time towards the end of our voyage we plan to cross Brazil south of the amazon region all the way to the Atlantic, then head down the coast until we turn inland to Paraguay and Iguazu Falls. Our last stop will be Uruguay with a return to Europe from Montevideo.

Our project is not only about the travelling and on the road experiences and discoveries, which will surely be amazing, but also about the preparation and customization of our vehicule, which will be our home for the duration of our big adventure.

The objective of this blog is to share our adventure with our family and friends, and with other similar-minded people who may find the information and photos we provide helpful, inspiring, and enjoyable.

To find out more about the inspiration for our trip: https://onzroad.fr/genesis-of-the-project