Bon Voyage!

As the date of our departure drew near, it was time to say farewell and thank you to family, friends, and colleagues who provided encouragement and support during the long preparation phase of our trip. Over the course of the past year and a half our project allowed us to meet many interesting and inspiring people, make many new friends, and stengthen existing friendships and relationships; from perfect strangers who walked up to us on the street to ask about Tommy, to neighbors who stopped to chat while driving or walking past us while we were busy with repairs and renovations, to friends and colleagues who asked how our travel plans were progressing, to the people who worked on Tommy, and last but not least to other passionate travellers who shared their experiences with us. Thank you for your generosity, your kindness, and your enthusiasm!

The bon voyage festivities commenced in France in a rented chalet……

……….then continued at home with a local Alsatian dinner for work colleagues (thanks for the LifeStraw)!

After multiple aperos one after the other (we were really not quite sure when they would end) we finally hopped on the plane for Canada where we are currently visiting with family and friends prior to heading to Colombia for the first stop on the South American tour. The fiestas are continuing, and as usual, food is a central and recurring theme in our celebrations! We can’t wait to try the local delicacies that are awaiting us in South America!

Peace Bridge in Calgary
Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg

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