Fermeture de l’épisode Islande-Féroé

Pas facile de reprendre la plume après la séquence Amérique du Sud qui s’est terminée prématurément au Chili il y a maintenant 14 mois ! Depuis la pandémie est passée par là avec son lot d’interrogations, d’incertitudes et d’espoirs naissants. Etant candidat à la vaccination depuis ses prémices c’est avec détermination que nous avons entrepris les … More Fermeture de l’épisode Islande-Féroé

It’s not a vacation, it’s a journey! (On a perdu la quatrième en Islande!)

It is easy to say “we should have got it done before we left.” However, at the time it “seemed like a good idea.” What could I possibly be talking about? Our 4 tires! We were debating whether we should change all 4 tires prior to starting the journey. Yes, they were getting a bit … More It’s not a vacation, it’s a journey! (On a perdu la quatrième en Islande!)

Into the Wind

We arrived in Seydisfjordur and getting off the ferry and through customs was quick and easy. No checking what food (and how much wine) had been brought into the country (we hid the dried mushrooms for nothing!) and covid/vaccination formalities were already completed on board. Apparently all passengers had negative PCR tests which were administered … More Into the Wind

On Z Road Again!

I am writing this article sitting on my bunk bed in our cabin aboard the MS Norrona, the ferry bringing me, Laurent and Tommy from Hirtshals in northern Denmark, to Seydisfjordur on the eastern coast of Iceland. The sun is shining and the sailing is smooth. Life is good! It was hard digesting the early … More On Z Road Again!